What Clients are Saying are Unsolicited Reviews, 
For Google Reviews, see https://goo.gl/QD8sMh

Aug29, 2019 Realtor Natalie wrote:
You do a fabulous job and are so calm and genuine with clients.  Really value that.

Aug14, 2019 Janice wrote:
Thanks again Dale for a thorough inspection. It was a pleasure following you around learning so much about what we are heading into! We deeply appreciated your professional manner and deep understanding of all that makes a house tick.

May27, 2019 Nadine wrote:
Thank you for all your expertise and time in inspecting our new home. And for this very thorough inspection report. I'll definitely write a google review.

Nov20, 2018 Realtor Deborah wrote:
Wanted you to know the sellers responded to the request to investigate the air flow upstairs and this is what they found. The furnace filter was plugged. The vents were full of construction debris and it needed rebalancing. 
They also topped up the insulation to 50
The seller paid for it all. 
Thanks man.  You are now on my list of inspectors. 
Nice to meet you.

Mar24, 2018 Maureen & Bill wrote:

We are senior seniors who live in a 58-year-old house. Over the years we have experienced many workmen and have learned some very costly lessons.
We have now retained the services of Dale Trach on two occasions. Family members have been the recipient of his service also and are very impressed.
We hired Dale in a “Mike Holmes” type of role ---to come in and identify the source of our problems and what the remedies were. In other words to be our trusted adviser. We didn’t need an appraiser, we needed someone to guide us who is extremely knowledgeable and works independently with no bias. Someone who totally has our backs.
On the first occasion, it was a serious roof leak that a number of people couldn’t resolve and various fixes( expensive ) were tried. Dale identified the problem and directed us to the one person in Vancouver who could fix this particular problem.
The second time he tracked a water leak in the kitchen down to the basement and in both walls.  He advised us what to do and how to get it remedied and has just come back for a follow up after a month and a half.
We are so pleased with having him as a resource and we know that he has saved us thousands of dollars—I wish we had thought of using him earlier –not in his usual role as a home appraiser but as an expert identifier/ expert adviser on house problems.
We strongly recommend his services—he has relieved our worries in these stressful situations.

Jan18, Realtor Chris wrote:
Thanks Dale, I never did thank you for your lovely Christmas gifts, and your efforts never go unnoticed, you’re Great at your job and I feel so comfortable to refer you to my best customers, feel free to use that as a testimonial!

Jan17, 2018 Yuen wrote:
Thank you for the Inspection Report.
We appreciate the work you have done in a thorough way which is well presented in the Report that gives us a clear picture of the apartment unit we are buying.

Jan4, 2018 Realtor Ray wrote:
The buyer’s realtor shared with us your inspection report on this home. I am impressed with your report, the details and observations were very good and I mean that. I would be happy to contact you in the future for any inspections this old semi-retired realtor would need help with. Thanks again.

Oct15, 2017 Paula wrote:
I am extremely pleased with the two inspections prepared by you.  The detailed report helped me not to make the biggest mistake of my life. There were so many underlined urgent safety-related repairs required that you could not see from the surface.

July14, 2017 Andy wrote:
Dale was very professional and did a thorough job inspecting my new condo. It's rare to find a good home inspector and I would definitely hire Dale again as well as refer him to my friends and family. I was very impressed by his detailed Inspection Report including photos and explanations, that he managed to create on the fly during the inspection. Dale has the tools, expertise, and experience to do a proper inspection!

May22, 2017 Zahida wrote:
Hi Dale , Thank you for all your work today. It was very informative and we learned a lot as we tagged along with you. We appreciate you answering all our questions and giving us tips to make improvements.
We have some queries, which are as follows.

May13, 2017 Carmel wrote:
Hi Dale,  It was nice meeting you today. Thank you for your great service in conducting a thorough home inspection and help me in understanding the condition of the property I am going to purchase.

May7, 2017 Dawn wrote:
Have received, reviewed, and saved the report.  Thank you very much for clarity, promptness, and completeness.  I do not have any questions at this point.  Will review the work that needs to be done with Lori tomorrow when we draw up the offer.  Please keep your fingers crossed!
It was a pleasure meeting you.  You made the process easy.  I will certainly recommend you in the future, should the opportunity arise.

Dec22, 2016 Masoud wrote:
I do not know how to thank Dale for his excellent job, punctuality, and professionalism. While house hunting was so stressful at times, he was the best part of this experience. He did his job like it was for his own home and saved me many more times that I paid him. Thanx Dale and keep up the good job.

Oct17, 2016 Roselynn wrote:
Many thanks, Dale.  And thank you for the thorough house inspection. We managed to bring the price of the house down by $20,000 based on the results of the inspection. I will certainly recommend you to friends, etc. as the opportunity arises. More than helping us with our purchase price, what I most appreciate is your thoroughness and how I never feel rushed when working with you.

Sept28, 2016 Zoe wrote:
Dale is so thorough and really explains what needs to be done in a straightforward and easy to understand way. He is very open and easy to talk to and a wealth of great information. The report is also thorough and easy to understand and a great document to bring to your insurer, complete with pictures of trouble areas. We were so happy with the service he provided us and will absolutely be recommending him to our friends and family. Thanks again Dale for making the buying process so much easier. I feel like I have some piece of mind taking on this new adventure.

Apr6, 2016 Nathan wrote:
Thks much for getting it to me tonight great report really appreciate the attention to detail I learned so much. Will recommend you to others and do not be surprised if you get a call from me now and then to ask questions.

Apr2, 2016 Firas wrote:
Hope you’re doing well, I feel as if I know you already. I came across one of your reports for a property we were considering (we ended up getting outbid for it) but what stayed with me was the quality of your inspection report. I then looked you up on Facebook and enjoyed your posts about other inspections.

Mar20, 2016 Carol wrote:
I just wanted to let you know that I really learned a great deal on the inspection last Monday afternoon.
Unfortunately, we didn't get the condo. Hopefully, something better will manifest.
Looking at homes with new eyes.

Feb22, 2016 Ryo wrote:
Thanks so much for your time today, and a lot of time at that!  I'll be the first one to admit that I am not a "handyman" type guy (always good to know your weaknesses, right?), but even for a less-than-novice guy like myself, I found your inspection to be easy to follow and obviously extremely helpful.

We like the house and love the area, but need to make a sensible decision, not just an emotional one, and your inspection certainly sheds light on some important things we need to consider.

Feb12, 2016 Jessica wrote:
We had Dale inspect two different places for us (first place fell through due to red flagged by insurance). He did a fantastic job, answered all our questions, and answered my multiple questions after the inspection was done (emailed him sooooo many questions) thoroughly. I recommend him to anyone! So happy with the inspection on our new home as we are first time home buyers. He was wonderful.

Nov30, 2015 from Realtor Sheryl:
Great to see you on Saturday! Thank you for your excellent work! Hope to see you again soon!
Nov13, 2015 from Realtor Shawn:
I just worked with Dale, through Live in Vancity Real Estate, with some of my clients and he did an excellent job putting my clients' minds at ease on their first home purchase. It was old and they were more understanding of what they were getting into after Dale went through the property. Thanks Dale for giving them the confidence they needed in their purchase.
Nov8, 2015 from Realtor Diane:
I wanted to pass along how much you are liked by my clients!  They all rave about how calm, thorough, professional, kind and clear you are!  I knew I was referring you for a reason ;)
July22, 2015 from Realtor Bruno:
Thank you for the great report Dale, I recommended to the buyer not to buy the house, going to see another this afternoon ...

May30, 2015 Lucy wrote:
Thank you for your email. It impresses me that you are so efficient and sent the report so soon. And thank you for helping us.
Best regards.
Mar15, 2015 from Realtor Judy:
I just wanted to pass a message along in case Deanna hasn’t had a chance to yet.  She said your inspection report was amazing. Both she and Kieren were EXTREMELY happy with you.
I thought it was excellent as well. Thank you for always looking after my clients.

Mar3, 2015 George wrote:
Thank you for the comprehensive and well-done Report.  We have decided not to purchase this house because of the concerns about the overall house conditions.
Thank you for your help.
Feb26, 2015 from Realtor Saeid:
Thank you, Dale Trach of NewLook Inspections, for a timely and detailed inspection of the potential new home for a client. Very well detailed report and easily read by non-savvy maintenance people. Not to mention the explanation of the report was quite thorough. Thank you again.

June27, 2014 from Mike:
This report is fantastic!  Thank you.  And thanks for the inspection yesterday.  I was very happy with all the information you provided.  I'm looking forward to moving into our new home and feel much more prepared with your upkeep tips.

On Apr.28, 2014, Zeke wrote:
Hi Dale,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks, and to express how happy Erica and I are with your service. You were so thorough, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, our inspection experience was fantastic! Your passion for your work shows and we are thankful that you were a part of our home search. Rest assured that we will be recommending you to family and friends!
On July 30, 2013, Realtor Hassen wrote:
My Clients were very happy with your Inspection! Thanks, Keep up the good work!
On June 14, 2013, Kevin wrote:
… by the way, your report is very thorough, I like how you prioritized the items that need immediate attention and what can be done at a later time.
May27, 2013 from Lindsay:
Dale just walked me through my first ever home inspection for a detached home May 20th, 2013. His name came recommended to me by a friend and I have to say that he exceeded my expectations. Dale was very detailed and diligent as we walked through the inspection with him and he answered all of our questions and concerns. At the end of the inspection, we went over the report verbally and it was emailed to me within a few hours. The report was great and had lots of pictures and explanations. I even called Dale the next day with a few other questions which he happily answered. I would highly recommend Dale for any home inspection.
On June 23, 2013, Tim wrote:
Thanks Dale, a pleasure to have you taking a look at this property. This is the first positive experience I have with home inspection - and you raised the bar! I will review this document in detail and let you know if I have any questions.

On Mar 24, 2013 from Mark:
Dale,  Thank you very much for your report. We appreciated both your thoroughness and your candor. We consider your fee money well spent. You might be interested to know that, based on your observations and report, we collapsed our offer and are pursuing other options. We would be pleased to call on you for assistance in the future and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Thanks again.

March 16, 2013 from Realtor Don on Facebook:
A big shout out to Dale Trach from New Look Inspections. He did an Inspection in North Vancouver last week and there were a lot of deficiencies in the house. Dale pinpointed all of them out to my clients. They were very pleased with the inspection and felt comfortable enough to remove all subjects and purchase the house. Please go to NewLookInspections on Facebook and Like his page. Awesome inspector!!

March2, 2013 from Tyler:
Pleasure working with you today. Excellent, clear report.

March2, 2013 from Margaret:
It was a very thorough report which contains several points of concern. Some of these areas we will address as soon as we can, but other areas will have to wait. However, we now know where we stand with this old house and we can proceed accordingly.
Thanks again. We will be sure to recommend your services to anyone in your area.

Mar4, 2012 from Bryan:
As first time home buyers, we weren't sure what to expect from a home inspection but Dale Trach made it a very enjoyable and informative experience. Dale inspected the home we wanted to buy recently and we found him very professional, patient, helpful and knowledgeable. He was excellent in explaining every aspect of the inspection and how to remedy issues. His report and insight were thorough and easy to understand. We highly recommend NewLook Inspections and Dale Trach to anyone who wants to have a proper Inspection done.

Feb20, 2012 Katie wrote:
We have been very impressed with your service. The online form was easy to use, the inspection was great – we learned a lot and were so glad we were there to ask questions and the report is very helpful and easy to read. It makes implementing changes easy to do. I especially like that you included the timeframe and how serious the issues are so we can plan out which ones need to be done ASAP and which ones we can do when we have the funds to do so.

Nov14, 2010 from Dave:
Dale Trach completed two separate building inspections for me in the last two years. With both house inspections, I found Dale to be very professional, knowledgeable and accurate and I was provided with a very detailed report concerning each inspection.
I accompanied Dale on one inspection and was very impressed with how thorough he inspected the entire house and provided a detailed report to help me make a purchase decision. Dale also inspected my own residence in 2010 and again submitted an extremely detailed report concerning my property. Due to Dale’s thorough inspection, I have renovated our bathroom, added caulking to the exterior and plan on a water heater replacement plus increased attic insulation based on Dale’s recommendations.
In both cases the building inspections were worthwhile and a valuable investment to maintain the value of my current residence and helped my wife and I also make an accurate and constructive decision on a new residence.
Due to Dale’s experience, knowledge and thoroughness I would recommend Dale for all your building inspection needs and services.

Nov4, 2010 from Lance:
We felt you were detailed and quite thorough and not rushed up to 'finish off' with the inspection and would surely recommend your services.

Feb12, 2007 from John:
I recently purchase a home in Burnaby. The cost was around $ 600,000. I was sick for a week deciding if the house was worth the price and because it was very old I was concerned about numerous potential problems. A friend had an inspection done by Dale Trach and recommended I do the same. Mr. Trach did an extremely thorough inspection of the house. He allowed me to follow him while he did the inspection. He pointed out items I should be concerned about and solutions to fix the problems. At the end, he gave us a book with all of his recommendations. I felt very strongly about the shape of the house after his assessment. He was thorough, informative, and very competent. I wanted to once again thank Mr. Trach and tell the company he works for about how well he does his job. If I had to have an inspection done again I would definitely call Mr. Trach and recommend to friends and family to do the same. Please forward our thank you and acknowledge him with doing a job well done.