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Do Not Choose a Home Inspector Solely Based on Price

Blog by Dale Trach | June 7th, 2015

  • Consider what is at stake. You are about to make one of the largest financial investments of your life. You want this to be a good investment, without any negative surprises.
  • You want the most thorough and experienced home inspector you can find.
  • Home Inspectors do not  provide equal degrees of disclosure. The differences from one inspector to the next can be startling and significant. Some of this is due to individual ability, but most of it is due to varying levels of experience.
  • With rare exceptions, a home inspector with many years of experience will provide more details about the condition of a home than an inspector with few years in the business. And in most cases, the more thorough and experienced a home inspector is, the more money he is likely to charge for his services.
  • If you hire a less experienced home inspector, you might save $100 on the inspection fee and be stuck with thousands of dollars in undisclosed defects after you purchase the property.
  • Home inspectors who charge the most are likely to cost you the least. Don't short-change yourself by hiring a cheap inspector.

"Look at a Home Inspection as an investment, not as an expense."